Contested Divorce

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Understanding contested divorce with Trillium Law PC in Beaverton ORIn almost every contested divorce, it is in the best interests of the spouses for their lawyers to maintain a businesslike approach to the divorce process. We understand that one of our roles as family law lawyers is to listen to our clients’ emotions and fears. We recognize that divorce is one of the most stressful life events that one can experience.

But when the process is over, we want to make sure we have done our best to help you receive the best outcome you can obtain in your circumstances. Oftentimes, our clients are in a completely different emotional state at the end of the process, compared to at the beginning. People do get through this difficult time. Things will be different. But the initial pain of going through a divorce does not have to last forever.

Oregon Divorce Law

In Oregon, fault is not assigned to a particular party in a divorce like it can be in some other states. Here, one can obtain a divorce because of irreconcilable differences. We understand that sometimes one party has really hurt or betrayed the other party. We will listen to you because we know that it is important, but we will also help you focus on getting through the experience and put you on the right footing to move on.

Sometimes a focus on issues instead of needs can prolong the emotional turmoil and litigation costs associated with contested divorce. By allowing us to work for you, we can focus on working toward positive results that can help get you on a path to healing and a positive future.

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