Notice of Name Change

Proctor Law PC is pleased to announce our new name: Trillium Law PC!

Our founding partner, Kathy Proctor, has been elected as a Washington County Circuit judge, and will be departing Proctor Law later this year. We are so proud of our colleague’s accomplishments, and excited to see where this new position will take her!

As part of Kathy’s departure, we will be renaming our firm to Trillium Law PC. Our location, phone, and fax numbers will all remain the same, but our email addresses will reflect the new name change. For instance, Diane’s email address will now be We understand there may be some confusion during our transition, and we’ve set up email forwarding on all of the previous email addresses.

We have spent the last couple of months preparing for Kathy’s eventual exit in December of 2018, and we will continue to make the transition as smooth as possible. Kathy’s partner, Diane Cady, will be taking over Kathy’s managerial duties at the firm. Both Diane and Erin Hrabak will continue to provide our clients with the very best in legal representation, upholding our firm’s reputation for excellent legal services.

If you have any questions about this exciting transition, please do not hesitate to talk with Diane Cady, Kathy Proctor, or Erin Hrabak. We appreciate your ongoing support as our legal firm grows and changes!

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